Your way to escapalace

Your way to Escapalace

Congratulations, the gate opens and a narrow path lies in front of you. But as soon as you’ve climbed through the portal, the gate closes with a cracking noise and there’s no turning back for you. You have no idea what’s waiting for you. But as all of your friends know, you are a very curious person and so you take the first brave step and start walking…
(If you need hints for the upcoming puzzles, scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Beautiful sounds accompany your way. Lovely singing birds, waterfalls, gentle winds, but sometimes it is completely silent and you can only hear the sound of your own breath. After walking for a while, you discover a mysterious old card on the ground. It seems to be something very important and you take a closer look at it:

Without thinking about it any more, you put the card in your pocket and move on. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear a soft female voice speaking to you:

After playing so many video games like Skyrim, The Witcher and Portal, you’re absolutely obsessed with quests, so you start running towards the sound of that voice. Not far away, amidst countless fallen leaves, you discover a bench. The bench seems familiar to you. You think you have already seen it in one or two MoonSun videos. There is an inscription: “Sit down, traveler!” Since every experienced gamer knows that the endurance bar is not endless, you decide to take a little break and take a seat on the bench. Immediately you realize that this was probably not a very good idea, because your hands are suddenly tied up. But that was not all. The bench starts spinning at 3.141 revolutions per second and your biggest nightmare appears: a math teacher! She speaks to you:

This special and all too popular feeling of a class test rises up in you. Your head seems to explode, 6+45:3… oh “point before line calculation…” calculating, calculating, calculating… “I have it: F…….”

You think back to your school days. German numbers, I remember. You scream the number: Z………….!
Congratulations, your hands are unleashed again!

“Puuuuh, the first time in my life that I’ve passed a math test successfully!

In front of you, serpentines stretch up to castle ruins. As a hobby hiker, however, this is not a challenge for you and you climb the hill quickly. Next to the ruins, where gladiators probably fought centuries ago, you discover a colorful shield. You recognize the runes and start to analyze it.

What could this mean? Oh, you realize, that it is not that difficult. You write the right letter on your password card and move on.

You descend the mountain again and as soon as you reach the bottom, you hear that familiar female voice again:

You solve this task and move on.

You arrive at a dark forest and hear some screams from within. You listen more carefully, but it’s hard to understand. It’s something like:

“Ch… pag. tw…e, th. ru.e. in … ly.i.s”

Satisfied with your performance so far, you go on. Suddenly everything becomes dead quiet, no more screams, no twittering of birds, no wind, just nothing. Just you, your book and your half-filled password card! You think about the tasks ahead and… but what is this? An incredibly gigantic tree with big eyes strolls out of the forest and stands in front of you. By spreading its long branches, it gives you a clear sign that there is no way around it for the time being. It speaks to you in a deep voice:

In silence you repeat the words again: “You need two pages for the start. Take the book and form a heart. Within the hunt and Moon & Sun, put them together and it’s done.” Suddenly the scales fell from your eyes. After a short while you proudly announce: “Mr. Tree, the solution to this riddle is …!”

… and he disappears in the forest again.

With a mixture of fear and relief, you find your way out of the forest and discover a small sunny spot in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow. Here you decide to take another look into your book, maybe you will find some more secrets even without instructions.
And indeed you find them. You discover two more puzzles on your own and solve them quickly. Now there is only one word missing on your password card.

You continue your way and pass small streams, raging rivers, beautiful avenues and ancient trees. Strange birds sit on a branch, singing: “Wanted and wild, we’re wanted and wild!” Strange creatures, but you must admit, that they have very good taste in music. They are obviously metal birds! You realize that despite your initial skepticism, you love to be here. Even though a lot of things seemed threatening at first, everything here is very peaceful and friendly. No hatred, no envy, no jealousy, no scaring media… just you and nature.

Torn out of your thoughts you nod in agreement and continue walking along the path. On a narrow bridge over a small stream you discover another old map. This time there are some numbers and modern signs on it. This must be the last puzzle…

“I did it. I actually figured out the password! But now what?” Nothing happens. You’re waiting for voices… but all you hear is silence. You have to admit that after all the work you’ve done you were hoping for a bit more. But who knows, maybe there really is a place called Escapalace waiting for you. You just keep on walking – because as we all know, hope dies last! All of a sudden everything is covered in fog and meter-high stone walls shoot out of the ground. They surround you from all sides so that you can’t make a meter in any direction. On the front wall you discover a lock with a flower… or is it the infinity symbol? You try to grab the lock, but the fog keeps you from doing so. It seems to be some sort of magical barrier.

Just as you begin to despair and to say your last prayer, you hear this woman’s voice again:

Enter the password here (in capital letters) to activate the final stage:

Hurry up, the magical barricade grows…